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More About Alyx!

Actor | Screenwriter | Filmmaker
In her rare spare time, Alyx enjoys killing zombies and defusing bombs...

In video games, of course! She loves to spend her weekends relaxing at her PC with one of her—many—cats on her lap. You can also often find her lurking about Disneyland, fangirling on all things Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars!


As both an actor and a filmmaker, I am constantly training and working on different things or working towards a bigger goal. Let's take a look!

Training / Working On

Screen-Combat Course

Every week I am taking screen combat courses to help build my career towards working on projects that will allow me to utilize and develop this skill further! This includes Hand to Hand, and will soon expand further into knife work, swords, lightsabers, etc!

On-Camera Acting Course

After training for four years to get my B.F.A in Screen-Acting at Chapman University, I learned how important it is to continue this training. And am currently doing so with Casting Director and Acting Coach, Jay Scully.

Voice Over / Motion Capture

With a strong fascination in Voice Over work for TV, film, and video games, I am currently building my VO reel to hopefully start building my resume! And as I spend much of my free time playing all sorts of video games, I would love to explore the world of VO and/or Mo-Cap for it!

Screenwriting / Scripts

I currently am in the process of writing two series and two features at the moment! Having a wide range of genre from Sci-Fi and Action to Romance and Comedy! All having a focus on bringing AAPI representation to the industry!


Gyopo, Pilot for a Series

Gyopo is a Queer Korean-American Series that follows cousins Lola and Lex living out their 20's as creatives living in LA. I am so honored to be bringing the Lead, Lola to life alongside such an amazing cast and crew. Set to shoot later this year...

Co-Star Role

Just Recently, I have booked my first Co-Star role for a Freeform TV show. With the shooting of this project, I am now SAG-E! The episode is set to air sometime in the late summer!

Lady Parts, Feature Film Coming Soon

Lady Parts "is a comedy feature film about a woman who must accept help from her parents to confront issues surrounding her vaginal health & sexuality." I had the pleasure to play a supporting role in such a poignant film.

Sebae, SAG-AFTRA Short Coming Soon

Sebae is a Korean-American short film that "tackles themes of cultural identity, family order, and the woes and wonders of your pre-teen years." Truly, an honor to work on, and to help bring supporting character Erica Moon to life.

Growing up as a minority led Alyx Lee to have a strong passion for activism and representation on screen for the AAPI and LGBTQIA+ community. Resonating most with female-driven stories, Alyx Lee hopes to use her B.F.A. degree in Screen Acting from Chapman University in telling all kinds of stories for all kinds of people.

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