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Growing up the youngest of three, Alyx struggled to be truly heard... so she compensated by talking far too much!

Luckily, she found her outlet and passion through acting...
where she now gets to talk


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Orange County Register’s Artist of the Year, Alyx Lee, is an Asian-American SAG-E actor and filmmaker who recently graduated from Chapman University with a B.F.A. in Screen Acting.

Her first Co-Star on a Freeform TV series taught her a lot in preparation for her Leading Role in an upcoming series Pilot, Gyopo, which was awarded Best Pilot Script at NFFTY this past season. These projects led to her premiering in her first Lifetime Movie, My Child Has My Doctor's Face a movie based off of true events.


The first audition Lee did post-graduation landed her a role in a Dramedy Feature Film, Lady Parts, which dives into an important story about a woman’s vaginal health and sexuality. Having worked with brands like MicrosoftPeloton, HP, WhatsApp, Square, and so on, Lee discovered a new love and appreciation for the Print and Commercial world.


With a background in Cheerleading, she cherished her time training in Screen Combat at Chapman University and continues her knife and hand-to-hand combat training when she can. In her other spare time, Lee loves to read, play video games, cook, write screenplays, and snuggle up with her 3 cats.


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